My traveling journey to Da Nang in Vietnam

My traveling journey to Da Nang in Vietnam

I had visited Da Nang for 5 days (13-17/6/2019). Actually, I took part in this tour but I didn’t have a lot of expectations. I just wanted to take away from it all after a long studying semester. However, after my traveling journey, I feel this was an unforgettable experience with my dad and his coworkers. To help you guys have a comprehensive review of these destinations, I’ll share my experiences about that!

1. Marble Mountains (Núi Ngũ Hành Sơn – five elements mountains)

The first destination is that Marble mountains which are a cluster of five marble and limestone hills located in Ngũ Hành Sơn District, south of  Da Nang city in Vietnam. The five mountains are named after the five elements: Kim (metal), Thủy (water), Mộc (wood), Hỏa (fire) and Thổ (earth).

All of the mountains have cave entrances and numerous tunnels, and it is possible to climb all the mounts.  It’s very interesting for you to look around the city from the highest position. You can see that it have a lot of skyscrapers, the beach surrounding along with the city and the mountains from far away with the clouds above!

 I went here in the morning with a light sunlight and windy, so it will be great for taking the pictures from here!

You just only spend 55.000VND for using the elevator and sightseeing. This is available price for the students like me! So let go here if you have a chance!

2. Linh Ung pagoda (chùa Linh Ứng)

After I had lunch, I continued to the second place. It is Linh Ung pagoda which is considered one of the biggest pagodas in Da Nang city in both scale and architecture.

The most highlighting feature of this large pagoda is its huge Lady Buddha statue, which is one of the tallest in Viet Nam (67 meters). From here, you will see Marble Mountain along with white sandbank. The beautiful landscape creates a unique impression that you cannot find in another place.

If you have a religious belief, this is one of the places you can’t skip it!

3. Ba Na Hills (Đảo Bà Nà)

Ba Na Hills have another name, King Mountain. This destination is the most gorgeous landscape that I’m ever seen before! Now, let me tell you about the striking features here!

Come here and learn why 1,5 million visitors gather this place annually! Located at the peak of Chua Mountain, it means that Ba Na Hills’ only way of transportation is via cable car. And this Cable Car Station is rated as one of the most impressive cable car systems in the world! Not the first time I take a cable car, but I was so overwhelmed with mountain ranges covered in thick forests and western Da Nang’s lush landscape!

The cost of a ticket is 750.000VND for the adult. I recommend that you should go at the beginning of the day to discover all these things here! Get out of the heat for a day and enjoy walking around in comfort!

After finishing the first cable car trip, you will explore the Golden Bridge (winding its way around a 150-meter course lined with flowers, supported by a pair of giant hands). The Golden Bridge was pretty full of Asian Tourists. Certainly, it will be a wonderful place to relax and enjoy your moments! But there is one thing I would remind you is that The Bridge was jammed with people, especially in the travel season like this time. It was literally shoulder to shoulder and I braced myself for the crowds!

On top of that, you can also visit Flower Garden, Hiking Train, Wax Statue Museum, Beer House, Super Speed ​​Slide, Debay wine cellar,… A variety of flowers and Flower Garden’s color will be great for those wanting to take a picture or selfie! And you will learn how the French people produced wine. I was quite impressed with the wine cellar filled of wooden wine barrels!

And the important thing for those who are a big fan of food is that it has a lot of restaurants. Top food and drinks were created with a variety of flavors. These restaurants supply you with buffet meals. It means that you spend about 300.000VND for one buffet and then you can choose whatever dishes that you want! The price was quite expensive but the buffet was of good quality, mainly Asian food!

Certainly, I don’t forget to mention the second tourist attraction at Sun World Ba Na Hills, it’s definitely French Village. When I came here, the first impression was the ancient architecture which looks like Paris city! I felt like I was staying in the capital of France! In addition to what I’ve just told, you can also walking around to find out, exchange and take a picture with French people. Watching the dancing performances of French people disguised with classic costumes was so amazing! This was a good chance for me to have more knowledge about France’s cultures!

Ba Na Hills provide convenient resorts and hotels. They accommodate a wide living space and bring the best services to domestic and foreign tourists alike. So it’ll be the most likely destination for your holiday!

Last but not least place on Ba Na Hills that you must definitely visit is Fantasy Park – the largest indoor amusement park in Vietnam. Exciting games and interesting entertainments at indoor amusement zone Fantasy Park. You can play more than 90 games for free! Also, watching 3D films in the movies will be a good memory on this trip! But I regretted that I couldn’t play in this park because of the time limit!

4. Dragon Bridge, Night Market and Da Nang Beach

Crossing the Han River, Dragon Bridge represents a 666m long symbol of the country’s prosperity. The bridge was designed by US engineers and ­­­features a dragon’s head shooting fire plumes. In the night, you can observe the light show created by thousands of LEDs, which illuminate the bridge in a colorful.

So this bridge is a suitable place for those who go for a stroll to clear their head after a long hard-working day!

Crossing the bridge, you can observe the comprehensive review of the night market! You can imagine that it looks like the night market at Ninh Kieu Quay, but it sells more things such as handcraft, clothes, local specialties, toys, street food,…The voice of local people here is a little bit difficult to understand, maybe because of the different regions. But they are friendly, they will show directions if you get lost!

Come to Da Nang, don’t forget to go to My Khe Beach. It is recognized as one of the most ideal beaches of this city, international tourists came here for relaxation… It is a huge beach with smooth sand and a slight slope. Especially, the beach is next to the city center, inroads easy to come. They are calm seas with green water during four seasons, not being polluted and high safety. You do not only go here to swim but also you can participate in kinds of services such as fishing, water-skiing, diving, yacht race, sunshade and buoy lease,… I’m really into laying in the sand looking far away into the wide blue yonder!

5. The international fireworks festival 2019 in Da Nang

Fortunately, I went to Da Nang while the international fireworks festival was going on! I was so impressed with excellent performance of fireworks! Have you ever heard about this competition? Let me tell you a little bit about it!

Eight world-class teams from Italy, Russia, Brazil, Belgium, Finland, China, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam will come together in the central city of Da Nang for a pyrotechnic competition that will light up the night skies like never before. It will be organized annually and the topic for this year’s competition is ‘Stories by the Rivers’. Each team will perform from 20-22 minutes based on the music melody.

This is an unforgettable memory for the first time watching the excellent performance of fireworks! It was drizzle, but the audience supper crowded around Han River Port area! So gorgeous!

These are all destinations that I visited in Da Nang. So many landscapes, so a ton of interesting activities! If I have a chance, I’ll come back there again! I’m very happy to be here to share my traveling journey! I hope that it will be useful for your next travel to Da Nang once day! 

———- ****———–

(This is the first time I write a review about my traveling journey, so if I take any mistakes, let tell me to correct that)

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